The original PrayPal service designed by TT
as a new 24h Always-On best friend you can always rely on
to send you telepathic intention assistance. Boost your prayers!
This is a sister service to the unprecedented Clear Me set of clearing services.

What we do

We noticed that there is a tremendous amount of suffering in the world.
We wanted to help. 🆘
Since our work at C 1st delivered amazing technology to resolve problems at their root via conscious intent, we decided to use it to help people like you directly.
Now we make prayers come to life.

DISCLAIMER We do not provide medical procedures, we can't fix your broken bones or stitch you up.

Have a headache?

No problem, just use the instructions to send us the directed thoughts, and we'll send our assistance immediately!

Have a friend in need?

We love our friends like family, but we can't always be there in person for them. Use this service to send them some loving help from whereever you are. A gift of ❤️.

Notice something about yourself you don't like?

Grow up with anger issues?
Feeling angry right now?

Cool off in seconds.

Performance anxiety?

Giving a speech?
Getting on stage?
Meeting your first date?

Not to worry, we got you.

Relationship issues?

Ease the tension with your partner immediately. Resolve the issues at hand with expert precision.
Be kind to one another.

Lost a valuable?

Let us align you with finding your valuable item so you can find it more easily.

Venmo $50

Immediate Help

It's like asking your taller brother or sister to help you put something on a high shelf you can't reach yet.

Once payment is received, your prayer is our command.


  1. Make Payment
  2. Focus on the intent for up to 10 seconds
  3. Go about your life knowing your prayer is being answered
  4. Experience the difference

What can I use this for?

Here are some examples:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Relationship problems
  • Unpleasant emotions
  • Greater financial freedom
  • Career change
  • The right home
With a combination of your own thoughts and our easy instructions, your issues melt away. Yes, including pain.


  1. Make Payment
  2. Say in your mind: "Remove my headache" (10 seconds)
  3. Feel the headache subsiding almost immediately!
Don't freak out. It is real.

2 + 2 = 10 (We overdeliver.)

With our powerful services, we deliver results anywhere in the world, immediately. (Many people feel it within seconds, but even if you don't feel anything, know that the process is still working.)

We will also make sure you are well grounded for free.


Take a look at our testimonials and praise.


Service Description Price
PrayPal 1 Energetically connect with your consciousness to answer a single prayer. $42.00
PrayPal 3 Energetically connect with your consciousness to answer a bundle of 3 prayers. $100.00

PrayPal Service

Click on the payment button, complete paying, then focus on your intent for 10 seconds.

  • Get 1 PrayPal Prayer
  • PayPal $40
  • Get 3 PrayPal Prayers
  • PayPal $100


Questions & Answers
Q: Do I need to keep praying?
A: No, once is enough. The system is working for you and your highest good. It's best to not dwell on it or change it. Go have some fun.
Q: How many prayers can I have going at once?
A: You can have as many as you like, starting with one or three at a time using the bundle.
Q: Can I pray for the same thing again?
A: What we answer is permanent in this point of time. It is possible for you to need a similar prayer in the future, but it will be a acting on a different set of parameters in your life at that point in time.
Q: What's wrong? I didn't get what I asked for.
A: If you followed the instructions above, you did not do it wrong. However, there may be other issues affecting your situation that make your prayer not in your highest good at this time. There may be something that needs to be addressed before your prayer can be answered. Complete it with our Tune Me Up service.
If you wish to go further and explore those issues, please use our personalized concierge service - Take Heart
Q: What if I don't know what to ask for?
A: No to worry, we've made that easy too! For that situation it's best to use our advanced intentless service - Tune Me Up

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